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E-Revision Rules Questions from 2017

February 15, 2017 e-Revision Question:

In a four-ball stroke play competition your partner is attending the flag stick and touches the putting green with the end of the flag stick while pointing to where he thinks your putt should be aimed. What is the ruling?

a) There is no penalty.

b) You incur a penalty of one stroke.

c) You incur a penalty of two strokes.

d) Your partner is disqualified from the hole.


c) You incur a penalty of two strokes.

(Rule 8 - 2b)

February 1, 2017 e-Revision Question:

A player may advise a fellow competitor that relief is available because his stance for a stroke is in casual water.

True or False?


True.  A player may give information on the Rules, but may not make a suggestion that could influence a fellow competitor in determining how to play the shot.

It would be different if the player said “You should take relief because you are standing in casual water”.

  Definition of Advice.

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