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VGA News & Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
  • May 04 - Vermont National SD (event closed)
  • May 06-07 - Spring 4 Ball
  • May 08 - Burlington SD (event closed)
  • May 16 - John McDonough Sr Day at Rutland
  • May 18 - Williston SD - call 1 week prior 802-878-3747)
  • May 22 - Quechee Lakeland SD - Click here to register
  • May 23 - Rocky Ridge SD - call 1 week prior 802-482-2191

2017 Spring 4 Ball

The Spring 4 Ball gets underway this coming weekend! We have a full field and we are looking forward to a great two days of golf!

We are using a new tournament management software this year - USGA Tournament Management Software powered by Golf Genius. This software has some great features, one of which is that every event we run will now have it's own unique website that will include pairings, tee times, practice round information, course information, player information, results, statistics and more! Check it out at:

VGA Spring Website Portal.

Practice Round Vouchers were mailed to the captain of each team last Monday. (Captain is the player who registered and paid for the team).



We do not want to risk jeopardizing the wonderful relationship we have with our host clubs. Any abuse of the practice round policy will not be tolerated!

VSWGA News & Upcoming Events

TPP Online Now open for May State Day Registration

New for 2017!
VSWGA State Days are now open to all VSWGA dues paying women, including women members of the Lakeside Golf Club. All participants must maintain a handicap index of 36.0 or less.
2017 Tri-States
The Tri-States entry deadline has been extended to May 31, 2017. Vermont is hosting this annual team event June 20-21, 2017 at Manchester Country Club.
Upcoming Events
Check the 2017 Calendar on the VSWGA homepage for all events, including upcoming women's invitationals.
  • May 02 - VSWGA Burlington and Rutland State Days
  • May 09 - Links at Lang Farm, St Johnsbury & Okemo State Days
  • May 16 - CC of Vermont, Quechee & Dorset State Days
  • May 23 - Stowe, Basin Harbor & Woodstock State Days
  • May 30 - Copley, Norhtfield & Bellows Falls State Days
  • Jun 20-21 - Tri-State Tournament Manchester CC
  • Jul 10-12 - NEWGA Championship Hop Meadow CC, CT
  • Jul 19-20 - VSWGA Senior Amateur Championship CC of VT
  • Aug 07-09 - VSWGA Amateur Championship CC of Barre
  • Sep 09-10 - VSWGA Mid-Amateur Championship Jay Peak GC

Make sure your handicap is ACTIVE prior to your first State Day!

Confirm with your club no later than May 14th!

2017 VSWGA State Day Participation Renewals

* Your GHIN # must be active in order to register for any events.
If your GHIN # has been inactivated please contact your home club to have them reactivate you!

When your home club activates you, you will still remain INACTIVE in the GHIN system until the next handicap revision on the 1st or 15th of the month, whichever comes first.


Register Now for PGA Junior League

-*PGA Junior League Golf is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and under to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Much like other recreational league sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends. Registration for the new season is now open. For more info, visit to search for programs by ZIP code and register online.

2017 Scholarship Bag Tag Program
*Help Support the VGA Scholarship Fund! 2017 Scholarship Fund Bag Tags are now available!

Consider purchasing a 2017 Scholarship Fund Bag Tag! For a donation of $20.00 or more you will receive the personalized bag tag displayed above.
The 2017 bag tag features the 14th hole at the Dorset Field Club, site of the 2017 Vermont Amateur Championship!

Click here for more information and to download the 2017 Scholarship Bag Tag Donation Form!

$$$ Dollars for Scholars

The VGA Scholarship Committee is sponsoring a new fun raffle to help provide funds for Vermont students. Called Dollars for Scholars, representatives of the VGA will be selling a limited number of raffle tickets (600) for $50.00 each. Drawing will take place at the VGA Scholarship Scramble at Proctor-Pittsford CC on August 10, 2017. First Prize is $5,000, 2nd Prize is $2,500, 3rd Prize is $1,250 and 4th Prize is $500!

Each ticket will also receive a personalize bag tag (shown above). Click here to see the flyer for more details!

*There will be a secure link to purchase a ticket with your credit card on the VGA website homepage - the links is currently be developed and will be on the website by Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Score Posting Active Season

The active season for posting scores shot in Vermont ended on October 31st. Any scores shot in Vermont after this time and before April 15, 2017 are not eligible for posting for handicap purposes because the condition of many of the Northern courses are not the same as they would be during a typical golf season.

Scores shot in states that are still in an active golf season (i.e. the Carolinas, Florida, etc.) can and should be posted during this period. You can post those scores either by going to or by posting it from the GHIN Mobile App. For more information, visit the handicap section at

Lakeside Members

Just a reminder to all VGA & VSWGA members who establish their handicap through the Lakeside Golf Club (internet): All handicaps are automatically inactivated at the end of the year! You will need to pay your 2017 handicap fee before you will be able to register for any online events!

Click here for more information on how to renew:

Rules Corner

The Lexi Thompson "Rule"

Many of you either saw or certainly heard about the controversial 4 stroke penalty that Lexi Thompson received in the ANA Inspiration Championship 3 weeks ago for marking her ball on the putting green and failing to replace it in the exact spot where she marked it. Her action was unintentional and not noticeable at all by the naked eye. A viewer watching a taped recording of the round the following day called in the apparent infraction. After viewing video replay, officials ascertained that Lexi did replace the ball a fraction of an inch from where she originally marked it, and according to the Rules of Golf, this was a breach of the Rules calling for a 2 stroke penalty. In addition since this happened on the previous day, it meant that Lexi signed for a lower score than she actually shot for failure to include the 2 stroke penalty. Prior to January 1, 2016, she would have been disqualified, but that Rule was changed from a DQ to an additional 2 stroke penalty provided the player was unaware that she had incurred a penalty and had no intention of playing from a wrong place. This created an immediate furor in the golf world.

A positive outcome of this unfortunate incident is a new Decision on the Rules of Golf to take place immediately (April 25, 2017) to limit the use of video evidence. The full text of this new decision can be found on the USGA website. The following is a summary of the new decision:

The USGA and The R&A have issued a new Decision on the Rules of Golf to limit the use of video evidence in the game, effective April 25, 2017.

The two organizations have also established a working group of LPGA, PGA Tour, PGA European Tour, Ladies European Tour and PGA of America representatives to immediately begin a comprehensive review of broader video issues, including viewer call-ins, which arise in televised competitions.

New Decision 34-3/10 implements two standards for Rules committees to limit the use of video: 1) when video reveals evidence that could not reasonably be seen with the “naked eye,” and 2) when players use their “reasonable judgment” to determine a specific location when applying the Rules.

The first standard states, “the use of video technology can make it possible to identify things that could not be seen with the naked eye.” An example includes a player who unknowingly touches a few grains of sand in taking a backswing with a club in a bunker when making a stroke.

If the committee concludes that such facts could not reasonably have been seen with the naked eye and the player was not otherwise aware of the potential breach, the player will be deemed not to have breached the Rules, even when video technology shows otherwise. This is an extension of the provision on ball-at-rest-moved cases, which was introduced in 2014.

The second standard applies when a player determines a spot, point, position, line, area, distance or other location in applying the Rules, and recognizes that a player should not be held to the degree of precision that can sometimes be provided by video technology. Examples include determining the nearest point of relief or replacing a lifted ball.

So long as the player does what can reasonably be expected under the circumstances to make an accurate determination, the player’s reasonable judgment will be accepted, even if later shown to be inaccurate by the use of video evidence.

Both of these standards have been extensively discussed as part of the Rules modernization initiative. The USGA and The R&A have decided to enact this Decision immediately because of the many difficult issues arising from video review in televised golf.

The standards in the Decision do not change any of the current requirements in the Rules, as the player must still act with care, report all known breaches of the Rules and try to do what is reasonably expected in making an accurate determination when applying the Rules.

Video-related topics that require a deeper evaluation by the working group include the use of information from sources other than participants such as phone calls, email or social media, and the application of penalties after a score card has been returned.

Remember, it pays to know the Rules. Knowing the Rules of Golf can help you save strokes and enjoy the game of golf.

Here are links to the proposed Rules of Golf and the newly defined terms used in the Proposed Rules as well. Take a look. 2019 is not really that far away!

Tournament Handicaps

In order to participate in VGA and VSWGA tournaments, players are required to have a valid, active GHIN handicap.

  • Handicaps are updated twice a month - on the 1st and 15th.

  • Although your home course may activate you on a given day, your handicap won't become active in the GHIN system until the next revision period on the 1st or 15th - the next one immediately following the day you are activated at your club.

  • Please be aware of this when planning your summer golf schedule.

  • We understand that situations can change and some folks may make the decision to forgo a golf course membership for one reason or another. Should you find yourself in this situation, you can still keep your handicap active by becoming a member of the Lakeside Golf Club. Click here for more information. If you have any friends in this situation, please pass this information along to them as well.

2017 US Senior Open Championship

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to experience a National Golf Championship up close and personal? Here is your chance! Online volunteer registration for the 2017 U.S. Senior Open Championship, conducted by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and to be held at Salem County Club, June 26-July 2, 2017, is now open.

More than 2,800 volunteers are needed to fill positions on more than 28 committees, including marshals, transportation, leader boards and merchandise. Early submission of the application allows volunteers to specify their committee preference. Interested volunteers should visit A full description of committee responsibilities is provided on the website to assist volunteers in determining their preferences.

Member Clubs Special Events

Throughout the summer our Vermont member clubs host various golf events that are open to the public, both men and women. For more information about these events, dates and entry forms, check them out at our Member Clubs Special Events page.

Member Clubs Special Golf Offers

Vermont Golfers have two great savings opportunities for golf in 2017:

  • The 2017 Golf Value Book VIP Card for $27
    Special Rates at 30 Courses
  • The 2017 Golf Valuel Book Punch Pass for $197.00
    24 free rounds of golf
For more information on either the VIP Card or the Punch Pass - click here!

GHIN Handicap Benefits

One of the benefits of having a GHIN handicap issued through a Vermont club is that you are entitled to receive two great e-Magazines at no charge. The GLOBAL GOLF POST is a weekly e-magazine published every Monday with all the results from the past week's golf tournaments, both Amateur and Professional, along with some great human interest golf stories. The GRAIN is dedicated to the Major Championships and is published 6 times throughout the summer. There is a early season kick-off issue, issues immediately preceding the Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA Championship and in the fall, the Annual Travel Issue is released.

If you are not receiving the Global Golf Post or The Grain, you can sign up by clicking here.

VGA On-line Store

Looking for some gifts for your favorite golfer, or even for yourself? We have tee shirts, headcovers, caps, towels and even some gag gifts - embroidered toilet paper!!
Click here to visit our VGA Online Store!

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