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2017 Senior 4 Ball Championship

Tuesday, June 6, 2017
Neshobe Golf Club

The Senior 4-Ball Championship is an 18 hole stroke play tournament consisting of 2 man teams.

Format is the better score of the two players, gross & net.

Entry fee $120.00 per team ($60.00 per player)

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  1. Vermont Resident - Any male amateur golfer, as of the day of the tournament, who is a legal resident of Vermont and is a member in good standing, of a member club of the Vermont Golf Association, with an active GHIN handicap issued by that club.

  2. Non-Vermont Resident - Any male amateur golfer, as of the first day of the tournament, who is not a legal resident of the State of Vermont, but has been a member in good standing of any Vermont Golf Association member club for the past three years, has an active GHIN handicap issued by a Vermont Golf Association member club and has posted a minimum of 10 rounds of golf in the last 12 months outside of the major championships at any VGA member club.  (Revised April 2015)*

*This eligibility requirement affects the major tournaments only, which are the Vermont Amateur,  Mid-Amateur and the Senior Amateur and the Senior 4 Ball Championships.   If you are playing in the major championships, your options are to post scores you may have missed from last year or play enough rounds this year to fulfill the requirements by the first day of the tournament.  This also includes any players in the Vermont Amateur who are exempt from qualifying.

All participating players are required to have a GHIN Handicap with an up-to-date
Handicap Index in order to be deemed eligible to compete in VGA sponsored events.

Dress Code:

Proper golf attire is mandatory in all phases of major competitions, including practice rounds and qualifying rounds.  A golfer may be asked to change clothing, in order to participate in an event.

Shirts with collars and sleeves are required.  Tank tops and/or tee shirts are not permitted.  Shorts are permitted, provided they are not gym shorts. Cut-offs, bathing suits and jeans are not permitted.  All players in doubt should have other clothing available in case their attire is deemed unacceptable.

Competitors late to tee times due to changing clothing will still be penalized in accordance with Rule 6-3.

Alcoholic Beverages:

In the Vermont Amateur, Mid-Amateur, Senior Amateur, Senior 4 Ball and any qualifiers associated with these events, consumption of alcoholic beverages on the golf course during a tournament by a player, or his caddie, is prohibited.  Penalty for this action will be disqualification from the event.

ON THE COURSE is defined as “from tee time, until the scorecard is turned in, after the completion of a round”.


USGA Rules of Golf will govern all play, unless otherwise posted under “Local Rules”.

Tournament Committee:

VGA Officials in attendance will serve as the Tournament Committee.  All decisions of this committee will be final.

Prizes / Awards:

All prizes for VGA sponsored events will be given in the form of awards and/or gift certificates.  Prize distribution will be determined by the number of applicants participating in a particular event or Flight of Players.


Cancellations or withdrawals can be made on line prior to the close of entries and the entry fee will be refunded less a 3% credit card processing fee. Cancellations or withdrawals after the close of entries and prior to the start of the tournament will be refunded less a $20.00 cancellation fee and must be done by contacting the VGA office.  No refunds will be given after the start of the tournament or qualifier.

2017 Championship Regulations and Tournament Player’s Information

2017 VGA Local Rules and Conditions of Competition